Chilled Water Chemical Treatment

Water cooled chillers are typically closed loop systems, meaning the water circulating within the system is continuously circulating through. Treatment of the circulating water is an important maintenance process. There are three different types of water treatment. Most are used in conjunction with one another.


By dousing the water in the unit with chemicals, you can prevent internal metal component erosion, microbiological growth, and scaling within the system. This helps elongate the lifespan of the unit and ensure it is functioning at optimum capacity. Chemicals introduced to the water deposit a thin layer of protective coating on the pipe surface while balancing the water pH level.


Mechanical filtration of the water through a filter screen is typically a built in treatment. It takes out large particles of loose build up, welding flush, mineral deposits, and any accidental contaminant resulting from water top-off. The filter should be exchanged or cleaned on a regular basis.


UV and Ozone treatment is specific to chillers that are restricted from using chemical products. The benefit of this treatment is there is no chemical by product created. It only provides treatment of microbiological contamination.